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Chrysler Grand Voyager Problems: The Beach A Great Australian Tradition

Chrysler Grand Voyager Problems: The Beach A Great Australian Tradition

There are some images that just define a country. For America, we think of hamburgers and sprawling cities. When it comes to the UK, we think of royalty and tea drinking. But nothing sums up Australia like lounging on the beach in the perfect sun. Australia is a beach country, and proud of it. We have the luxuries of the golden sand and the beautiful blue ocean never too far away.

It's probably what contributes to our relaxed attitude over here. We know that when we start to get overwhelmed with stress we can look forward to a trip to the sea. And whether you're going for the sunbathing or the water sports, you can be sure that the coastline will have it all ready for you.

However, while we all love going to the beach, they can be a bit of a pain to get to. If you don't live very close to a great beach then driving becomes the only sensible option. With children around and the burden of all of the things you need to bring it can get a bit stressful. That's the last thing you want. But with a people mover like the Chrysler Grand Voyager problems just melt away like ice cream in the mid-day sun.

Even with a small family, going to the beach means bringing a lot of things with you. Consider the size of surfboards or body boards, and then think about the plethora of towels and other beach accessories.

Let's not forget that, despite your desires, the kids have to come too… No seriously, fitting all that in the back of a car doesn't sound the easiest task, but when you've got a Grand Voyager you won't have any problems. Chrysler wagon's unique and flexible Stow-n-Go seating arrangement means you can lower the seats as necessary to give you ample space for both people and possessions.

The Grand Voyager is a car designed not only for comfort, but for practicality too. When the weather is great you know that the beach might get busy, and that can mean a bit of trouble parking nearby.

Chrysler knows that making parking easier can really reduce the stress of a journey. That's why the ParkSense rear park assist system comes as standard. Going to the beach is supposed to be fun, so why make getting there any more difficult than it needs to be?

Going to the beach is Australia's great tradition, and Chrysler has found a way to make it even more enjoyable. With the stress of the journey gone you can just focus on relaxing and making the most of the sea and the sand and the sun.

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