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Grand Voyager Motor: Detroit's Newest Power Play For Active Families

It can be daunting, coming to grips with the fact that your wild days of living life on the edge as a single are being traded in for the relative predictability of family life. Fortunately, you don't have to stop having adventures or exploring the natural beauty of Australia just because you're a mum or dad. You just have to tailor your escapades – and your transportation - to the whole family. Detroit's Chrysler Grand Voyager motor is powerful enough for any adventure.

Don't Underestimate Your Family

Love to go rock climbing? Then introduce your kids to your passion, start them on indoor rock walls and work up to Churchman's Cliffs, Peak Head and more. As your kids get older, you can introduce them to more difficult routes and the unique pleasures of seaside cliff routes. The only limit to the fun you can have is how you're going to get there and how much gear you can take along. The Chrysler Grand Voyager luxury people mover is powerful enough to haul you, your spouse, the kids and more than enough climbing gear for the whole family.

Longing to wander the back country on open roads, experiencing the rugged beauty of Australia? Take along a camera and get plenty of digital images to send to friends and family. Don't forget to take a few shots of the family in front of iconic images like the Twelve Apostles on Great Ocean Road.

The Grand Voyager Motor Gets You Where You're Going

When you're traveling with the whole family, you need a vehicle that can carry the whole clan comfortably without sacrificing power to let you pass with ease (time is precious when you've got a special spot in mind and a carload of kids) and handle rough roads without problems.

The Grand Voyager motor offers the power you need in the convenience and comfort of a family vehicle. Whether you go with the 2.8 litre CRD engine or the V-6, seamless shifting and plenty of "get up and go" will take the entire family where it needs to go. Think you've passed up your days of adventure now that you have kids? Think again! The powerful Grand Voyager means the adventures are just beginning!

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