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Chrysler Cars: Fuel Efficient And Fun To Drive?

Chrysler Australia cars are known for their fuel efficiency, but so are many cars that aren't fun to drive. How does Chrysler compare? Do Chrysler's cars have the power and handling that makes a car really fun? What kind of technology makes them fuel efficient? What perks and comfort features do Chrysler cars have? And how does it all fit together to make Chrysler the ultimate driving machine with excellent fuel efficiency?

Cutting Edge Technology Keeps Fuel In Mind

Chrysler cars have long been known for their advanced tech. Multimedia centres and speaker systems are part of this, but the main development is security. Chrysler has industry-leading security features throughout. It starts with advanced multi-stage airbags, designed to provide superior protection for the passenger and driver alike. Front seat thorax side airbags and side-curtain front and rear airbags provide additional safety for the additional passengers. Beyond the airbags, Chrysler features electronic stability control, all-speed traction control, and electronic roll mitigation. In addition to these advanced elements, Chrysler has developed the Parksense and Parkview systems. Parksense is a front and rear parking assistance system. It helps guide drivers safely using a variety of sensors and hybrid audio-visual indicators. The Parkview reversing camera gives valuable vision of the area behind the vehicle.

Superior Handling And Power

Their safety and fuel efficiency is clear, but how are they when you get behind the wheel and go for a drive? Chrysler cars have a minimum of a 3.6L V6 24V engine, providing all the driving power you need. These fun cars have a lot to offer any driver, but if you're really seeking the most power, you'll want to look at the 300 SRT8. The SRT8 goes above and beyond the typical Chrysler. It's a model that is race-inspired, designed to perform above and beyond what most drivers consider necessary. These Chrysler cars have a 6.4L V8 SRT8 HEMI engine. Like all Chryslers, the SRT8 is designed for safety and handling, featuring larger wheels and finely-tuned interior components to make sure that you're able to handle the added power.

Safe And Exciting Wherever You Travel

When you're in the city, you'll appreciate Chrysler's fuel efficiency, handling, and safety features. They're designed to keep you and your passengers secure, giving you the tools you need to make it to your destination safely and enjoy the drive in the process. When you're on the open road, Chrysler's power and handling really shine.

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