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Vic: Chrysler 300 Stands Out In A Crowd

Chrysler is turning heads in Victoria. On a list of hot cars in Vic, Chrysler 300 really stands out. It's got everything from style to power and luxury features, making it a go-to for buyers across the territory and across Australia. But what makes it such a favourite car in Vic? Chrysler design features across the board have made it a great choice for a wide variety of drivers.

Sleek Design For A Bold Look

When you see a car driving in Vic, Chrysler stands out immediately. The 300 has an extremely unique design, meant to be bold and identifiable. The low body style with the big front grille and the square yet sleek bumper are very classic Chrysler, but also provide a very distinctive appearance for the 300. You have a number of different colour options across the various models, but you've also got elements like different wheels (both in style and in size) and sunroof which can further differentiate the various models. Every option isn't available on every 300, but all of them have a lot of customisability.

Head-turning Luxury And Safety

Chrysler is well-known for offering superior luxury features and for pushing the limits and developing new safety technologies. Every Chrysler 300 comes with outstanding safety, including full airbags, electronic stability control, electronic roll mitigation, and all-speed traction control. Parksense and Parkview, Chrysler's unique systems to assist with parking and reverse, round out the safety features available standard on the 300. Luxury comes from heated seats (available in the front and back on all models except 300) plus luxury leather seats are available on some models.

Powerful Engine And Handling

The final head-turning element of the Chrysler 300 is its engine. The baseline engine for the 300 is the 3.6L V6. That engine provides ample power for the car, giving it commanding presence and handling on the street or on the open road. The 300 SRT8 takes this to a whole new level with a larger 6.4L V8 SRT8 HEMI engine. The strong, powerful engine continues the race-bred pedigree of the SRT8.

Throughout Vic, Chrysler 300 is a favoured car. Its strong styling, its exciting design, and its luxury, safety, power, and handling all combine to make it an extraordinary choice for drivers across Australia.

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