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5 Unique Features Of The 2016 Chrysler 300c Luxury

The 2015 Chrysler 300c Luxury has an almost limitless number of astounding features. It does, after all, have a big name to live up to. Here are some of the most stand-out features of this stunning beauty:


Light is imperative to all those who seek aesthetic beauty. It exists in a myriad of forms and can completely alter your perception. Standing next to the 2015 Chrysler 300c Luxury with its LED lights blaring into the night, you are fully encapsulated by its power and presence. A vehicle as ripped as this one demands bold styling, and the cool, bright light emitted from these LEDs lets you know at first glance that this auto means business.

Timeless Design

The Chrysler 300 is iconic, it truly is. For over 60 years the minds at Chrysler have been honing perfection, and each time miraculously managing to add beauty where you thought no more could exist. Its low roofline and high waist are an ode to its punchy, powerful stance on the road, and yet its smooth lines and luxurious touches both inside and out prove this is no muscly oaf – the 2015 Chrysler 300c Luxury is a professional athlete – taut and simply brimming with controlled, but almost endless, ability.

Sunroof Space

The Chrysler 300c Luxury affords you freedom on the road - that is unquestionable. But one of its most unique interior features also gives you a sense of freedom, even when behind the wheel. The dual pane sunroof is quite marvellous, giving you additional light from the massive panes that can be vented or fully opened to experience a coupe-esque drive, though with far more muscle and prowess. You can also completely close the sunroof shade if you so desire.


The 2015 Chrysler 300c Luxury sports smooth 20 inch polished alloys, hinting at the polish that the rest of this vehicle embodies. The lighter weight that alloys allow means faster acceleration and more exact braking, both extremely important aspects of driving such a powerful auto.


Picking the colour of your next 2015 Chrysler 300c Luxury is up to you, but Chrysler has made many choices available to you. One thing is for sure – you will end up with a flawless, sleek beast of a vehicle that is primed and ready to perform. 

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