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300C Comparison: Well Worth Waiting For

When the long-awaited Chrysler Australia 300 series recently cruised into Australia, it's four new models offered updated styling, new engine choices, and amazing price points. People always expect cars to go up in price as they increase features, but the 300 undercuts pricing of all previous models. When you buy a large sedan such as the 300, it will exude status, safety, and comfort.

There are four models available in the 300 series: 300 limited, 300 C, 300 C Luxury, and the 300 SRT8, these range in price from $43,000-$66,000. As you might expect, the increasing price of each model brings a few more features, but all share extensive styling upgrades to the interior and exterior of the vehicle. Here is a handy 300C comparison to guide your buying choice.

You Can't Go Wrong With The 300 Limited: The "entry level" 300 Limited comes with a 3.6 petrol engine or a 3.0 diesel. The new 3.6 L petrol V6 has an eight-speed transmission and makes up-shifts easy and provides impressive power delivery.

Heated Seats And A Whole Lot More With The 300C: The Chrysler 300C offers the same engine choices as the LTD, and has the option of a 3.6 petrol or 3.0 diesel model. The 300 C comes with heated leather seats and other features, such as power windows, cup holders, power folding mirrors, and a wood and leather steering wheel. Options include 20-inch aluminium wheels and the Safety Tech group package, which includes a blind spot monitoring system, rain sensing windshield wipers, Rear Cross Path Detection System, Forward Collision Warning, and Adaptive Cruise Control.

Add More Luxury: For a bit more, the 300C Luxury features platinum chrome door handles, a leather wrapped steering wheel with chrome accents, standard 20-inch aluminium wheels, and an optional 19 speaker audio system. The Safety Tech package is standard on the 300 C Luxury.

More Power With The Chrysler SRT8: The final member of the 300 series is the SRT8, which features a Mercedes five-speed 6.4 L petrol engine. Improved amenities include fancier leather seats, 20-inch forged wheels, remote start, a standard 19 speaker audio system, and optional leather trim throughout. A bit bigger than the other 300 models, what the SRT8 really offers is improved performance rivalling competitive German engineered vehicles for thousands less.

The Chrysler 300 series models are hitting Aussie streets over a year after being introduced in the U.S. Do your homework with a 300C comparison, but regardless of which model you choose, you'll find the 300 was well worth waiting for.

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