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Chrysler Parts In The Outback

Since Chryslers are made in the U.S., genuine parts to fix them have to make the long trip across the ocean to reach local shelves. Even Chrysler parts owners buy online are shipped directly to buyers, dealers, or to warehouses in Australia for sale within the country. Now, Chrysler, which has always sold replacement parts, is re-launching its parts operation in Australia and in other target areas.

Seventy-Five Years Of Mopar History

The official supplier of original equipment manufactured (OEM) parts for Chryslers, Jeeps, Dodges, and many other vehicles is Mopar, the 75 year old parts and service arm of the Chrysler Group. Their name is a contraction of "Motor Parts." The company started to use the name in the 1920's, but it did not promote the parts as "Mopar" until 1937 when it was used for a line of antifreeze. In the era of muscle carts (1960s) Mopar prospered as a supplier of parts for drag racing and enhanced performance. As Chrysler acquired more car brands, Mopar grew to supply many vehicle groups such as Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth, Imperial, DeSoto, including Jeep, and sometimes Eagle. Currently, Mopar supplies virtually all auto parts needed to keep Australian vehicles in original condition. Mopar offers a line of factory-approved after market accessories to improve performance, appearance, or to restore classic cars.

Chrysler encourages customers to use genuine Mopar parts, which are in line with company engineering standards. Parts provided by Mopar have better quality control and won't invalidate warranties when customers use them.

A New Day For Chrysler Parts And Service

SinceĀ Chrysler set up a group office in Port Melbourne, Mopar plans to expand its offerings to include tyres, batteries, OEM paint, and any other parts previously left to third-party providers. There will be a new parts warehouse included in the complex to lessen dependence on a warehouse in Singapore. This new setup will enable your Chrysler Parts dealer to be able to expand their service offerings into tyre replacement and bodywork, as well as speed up delivery time on out-of-stock parts. New dealers brought into the network work will be expected to offer bodywork.

The goal of the changes to Mopar is make it the Chrysler parts and service brand, in addition to its role as a supplier of aftermarket accessories. Mopar will be in a position to offer warranties and handle customer relations. Shipment will be direct to Port Melbourne and bypass the extra stop in Singapore.

Having a greater local presence will make it easier to serve the special needs of the Australian market, including their insatiable demand for four wheel drive products. This makes Australia the second-biggest outlet for Mopar parts outside the U.S.

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