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Chrysler 300c Problems: You're Going to Have To Put Up With These Issues

There's a lot to love about the luxurious Chrysler 300c. Packed with innovative features and outfitted with striking good looks you'd be hard pressed to spot any deficiencies in what this timeless sedan has to offer. So what are some of the Chrysler 300c problems owners will face? The truth is there are three minor difficulties every 300c driver has to come to grips with.

Being The Centre Of Attention

If you're interested in blending in with the endless parade of generic sedans on the road, the 300c is not for you. If heads turning in your direction as you cruise by in your new 300c makes you uncomfortable, every night out on the town is going to be full of awkward moments. The smooth body lines and high style finishing touches of the 300c make it anything but ordinary, and you may find your new car the focus of more attention than you're used to.

Hard Decisions On Options

Choosing to put yourself behind the wheel of a new 300 is easy, but choosing how to outfit your new ride is another one the Chrysler 300c problems. On the outside you'll have to decide if the standard 18-inch aluminium wheels are sufficient or if you'd rather step up to the attention-grabbing 20-inch polished aluminium version. And what about under the bonnet? Chrysler's revolutionary 3.6L Pentastar engine is a feat of engineering, but there's also a 3.0L CRD turbo diesel engine with 5-speed automatic transmission on offer. These are only two of the tough choices that will be up to you to make.

Acclimating Yourself To Luxury

But even the stock features will take some getting used to. With previous vehicles you may have had to sacrifice conveniences and comfort -- but not in the Chrysler 300c. Problems in the past taking all of your music on the road with you? The standard Uconnect Media Centre radio in the 300c gives you full access to all of your CDs, DVDs and MP3s with its 8.4-inch touch-screen. The 300c interior is also designed to make sure you're comfortable at all times with a built-in humidity sensor and Automatic Temperature Control.

So if this assortment of Chrysler 300c problems seem like issues you can cope with, stop by your local Chrysler dealer for a test drive.

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