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Chrysler 300c Wagon: Now You Can Have Performance And Cargo Space Too

Sometimes it seems there's no middle ground between cars that exist for performance (or luxury or looks) and those that exist for utility. There's fun and then there's work. And the two shall never meet.

At least they didn't meet until the creation of the Chrysler 300c wagon - the meeting of ultimate performance and solid capability.

Chrysler 300c Wagon: Legendary Performance With Room To Spare

While roomy, sometimes a sedan just doesn't offer quite enough cargo room for your needs. Maybe you like to go on holiday and you need to have enough room for your bags. Or perhaps you continually cart kids around town and you need to stow bags for school, sports and more. No matter your needs, the Chrysler 300c wagon is that rare car that manages to combine fabulously good looks and legendary performance with a little extra cargo space to make life more convenient.

The Benefits Of Certified Preowned

The Chrysler 300c wagon is one of a select number of vehicles available through the Authentic Preowned program. Not every used car is even considered for this distinction, ensuring that the quality of cars such as the Chrysler 300c with this certification can't be beat. The process begins with a thorough review of the vehicle's maintenance records. The vehicle must have missed no more than one service interval in its entire history. Once the unmaintained vehicles have been screened out through this process, the vehicles are then subjected to a thorough inspection of 122 points. This includes all major systems such as suspension, brakes, electrical, transmission, and of course, all safety related components.  Additionally, any parts that have been used on the vehicle must be genuine Chrysler Jeep Dodge components, manufactured specifically to fit that particular vehicle.

For added peace of mind, each Authentic Preowned vehicle such as the Chrysler 300c wagon comes with a complete service history and the added peace of mind of an extended manufacturer's warranty as well as 24 hour Roadside Assistance for the life of the extended warranty in the event of any unforseen issues.

Experience the meeting of form, function and value, too - contact your Chrysler dealer today.

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