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Chrysler SRT: Why This Vehicle Is The Perfect Ride For Performance Superfans

It's no secret that everyone has a single main motivating factor when purchasing a vehicle. Some drivers go for exterior features, while some look for optimal cabin amenities and comforts. However, there are some motorists who absolutely want a vehicle that looks great and exudes luxury, but ultimately, they put performance above everything else on their driver checklist. If you're a self-proclaimed "performance junkie," the Chrysler SRT may be the perfect vehicle for you.

The Chrysler SRT: Optimal Power And Performance

Think that a luxury vehicle can't offer power capabilities under its hood? Guess again. The 2012 Chrysler SRT houses an impressive 6.4-litre HEMI® V-8 engine that creates an astonishing 347 kW and 631 Nm of torque. Refining the massive engine power are wheel-mounted paddle shifters that allow drivers the opportunity to choose the best gear during any outing or weather condition. Also, the Chrysler SRT offers a limited-slip differential to offer pinnacle precision and handling every time. All this force and power still comes with a steady focus on fuel economy; the HEMI Fuel Saver technology helps ensure petrol consciousness stays on the radar with this roadside force to reckon with.

The Chrysler SRT Still Delivers Interior And Exterior Excellence

Of course, the Chrysler SRT has not built its superior reputation on its impressive power alone. Both the interior and exterior of this luxury sedan help make this vehicle a class leader. On the outside, the Chrysler SRT offers drivers classic elegance fused with modern innovation. Chrome accents, 20-inch black alloy wheels and a performance-focused suspension system blend seamlessly with refined lines and a sturdy stance for a distinctive overall appearance.

Inside the Chrysler SRT, drivers instantly notice that this vehicle continues the tradition of excellence that has become synonymous with the Chrysler line. Every interior detail found throughout the cabin has been installed with driver comfort and convenience in mind. With features like a leather-wrapped and heated steering wheel, black accents with carbon fibre trim and premium ergonomically centric seating, the Chrysler SRT proves it's a comprehensive vehicle package that does not disappoint.

Most importantly, the Chrysler SRT, like every other model in this manufacturer's line, makes safety a top priority. With innovative, state-of-the-art technology like Blind Spot Monitoring, multi-stage airbags and park assist systems, the Chrysler SRT offers drivers performance and protection, all in one luxuriously appointed sedan.

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