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Luxury Car Brands: The Truth

We've all seen holiday luxury car advertisements - the big red bow tied over the roof as the car is presented to its surprised new owner - but what is a luxury car these days? In the past, the size, price and, often most importantly, the reputation of certain vehicles cemented their luxury status in the marketplace. Today though, as lifestyles and attitudes have evolved, so has the definition of luxury. While some of the tenets that classified luxury car brands still exist, it can be difficult to precisely identify the qualities that combine to elevate a given vehicle to luxury status.

It Still Starts With Reputation

One aspect of the luxury car market that hasn't completely changed over the years is the weight that brand perception plays. Throughout its history, Chrysler has maintained the highest standards of production and performance, continuing to make advancements in technology and comfort to provide its customers with luxury vehicles, like the Chrysler 300 and Grand Voyager, that live up to the Chrysler name. Part of driving a luxury car is feeling like the company behind it has your satisfaction in mind, and that's a responsibility that all luxury car brands have to take very seriously.

That High-End Experience

There are certain conveniences and features that often help to differentiate luxury vehicles from their less advanced counterparts. A luxury brand might offer interior comforts like heated seats, steering wheel controls, cutting-edge entertainment options, advanced climate controls or upgraded upholstery materials, all of which give drivers more of a feeling of being at home in their vehicle and pampered rather than inconvenienced when they're on the road.

Luxury Is No Longer Reserved For The Rich

When most people think of luxury car brands their minds immediately jump to high prices, but that concept has also changed with time. Sure, you'd be hard pressed to find a budget priced vehicle that fancies itself a true luxury car, but car buyers might be surprised at the quality of vehicle their money can buy these days. Car manufacturers know that in the current economic climate, drivers want to be sure they're getting their money's worth.

The truth is that the only proven way to truly identify a luxury car is to drive one. When you settle behind the wheel of a vehicle that makes you feel both pampered and exhilarated, you'll understand why those gift recipients in the luxury car adverts are so excited.

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