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Chrysler 300: Worry Free Driving

Your mother taught you to never cross the street without looking both ways first. You’d never jump into the pool without a lifeguard on duty or consume spoilt food. And you wouldn’t even think about sticking your finger into an electrical socket. Your life is all about safety first and with the Chrysler 300 you’ll never have to worry about your or your family’s safety. The Chrysler 300 series has four models, and each one has adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring, and front reactive headrests.

Adaptive Cruise Control

The Chrysler 300 has adaptive cruise control, which uses a radar sensor mounted at the front of the car to detect objects in its path. If the road is clear, the set speed will stay the same. If slower traffic is detected or the radar senses an object ahead, the cruise control automatically adjusts your speed to allow a safe distance between you and the vehicle or object in front of you. A feature called Forward Collision Warning provides an audible warning if you are approaching an object too fast, which helps you to determine whether or not to slow down in order to avoid a potential collision. Talk about motor technology with street smarts!

Blind Spot Monitoring

Chrysler 300’s blind spot monitoring technology also uses radar sensors to help you when you are switching lanes or when an unseen vehicle is passing you. In addition to a programmable audible warning, the system uses illuminated icons on the side-view mirror to let you know about another vehicle in your path. With this sort of technology, you can be on your way with the knowledge your Chrysler 300 always looking out for you, literally.

Front Reactive Headrests

In addition to multistage front airbags, front-seat thorax side airbags, a driver-knee airbag and side-curtain airbags, the Chrysler 300 has front reactive headrests, which enable the headrests to automatically move forward and upward in the event of a rear-end collision. This decreases the space between the headrest and the occupant’s head, giving the added protection you’ve come to expect from a brand like Chrysler Australia.

These are just a few ways Chrysler has committed to keeping each driver safe; contact your local dealer to book your test drive today.

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