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Grand Voyager: Bring The Party With You

The Chrysler Grand Voyager has many personalities. You have the safe side with airbags, anti-lock brakes, reversing cameras and dozens of other safety features. There is the roomy Grand Voyager with comfortable seating for seven and an enormous cargo area. Then it has a powerful side with a 2.8L DOHC 16V turbo diesel engine boasting 120 kW of power and 8.4L/100km fuel economy. But today we want to introduce you to an aspect of the vehicle's personality you might not have considered: Grand Voyager, party animal.

Grand Voyager Multimedia

On the inside the Grand Voyager has a cutting edge multimedia system controlled from the Uconnect Media Centre on the dashboard. The LX's four-speaker sound system sounds great and the Limited's nine-speaker system with subwoofer is like taking your own club with you wherever you go. The multimedia system allows you to listen to AM/FM and satellite radio, and to play CDs or DVDs. These media sources are easily controlled by the large, well-designed touchscreen, by controls on the steering wheel or with voice commands.

Of course today we carry our favourite music in our pocket. Nearly everyone has an MP3 player, smartphone or even regular phone, all holding thousands of songs. Chrysler hasn't ignored this and the Grand Voyager includes two ways to interface with your personal music device - you can hook devices in through a standard audio jack and listen to your personal library of tunes as you drive or as you party at one of Australia's many beautiful beaches. Of course cables are so yesterday, so the Uconnect system also includes Bluetooth capability. Stream music from your Bluetooth-capable device and play it through the Grand Voyager Limited's high-quality sound system.

Grand Voyager = Safety, Performance, And Luxury

The quality of the multimedia system probably isn't the first priority on your list of features for your next car but it isn't something to be overlooked either. The average Australian drives over 14,000 kilometres a year. You might as well enjoy the time in the comfort of your own personal club. Take a Chrysler Grand Voyager and find out for yourself how its combination of safety, performance and luxury make it unlike any other vehicle on the market.

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