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Chrysler Party: How To Look And Act Like A Movie Star

There's nothing like an iconic car to inspire a similarly iconic party. And when the car is as timeless as the Chrysler, a party is definitely in order to celebrate the sizzling, smouldering, sexy sedan, the Chrysler 300.

In the Mad Men-style car like the 300, you can easily imagine yourself pulling up to a glamorous cocktail party from eras gone by. We're not talking about the common drunken bashes of today, but an old-fashioned cocktail party with an atmosphere of formality and class; an air of glamour.

The Chrysler party might feature a bartender in a white jacket and ties mixing up signature cocktails in just the perfect glass for each guest. Of course anyone whose iconic status matches that of the Chrysler 300 would be so confident and unique that she or he might have a signature cocktail that everyone knows.

Pulling up in your Chrysler to a party such as this creates an air of anticipation even before you step out of the vehicle. A Chrysler 300, for instance, evokes a sense of history from the era just before the death of glamour. It brings to mind the early days of muscle cars and performance cars, a time where unabashedly male strength and smouldering female glamour each had their own place in interactions between the sexes.

Chrysler Party: Looking And Acting Like A Star Just Got Easier

You can create this Chrysler party atmosphere at the next gathering you host. Consider planning a themed bash of your own, and invite your guests to live it up in the Mad Men style.

To make it even more elegant and fun, do a little bit of homework and look up some of the common appetizers of the time. Look for an authentic cocktail or two to serve - or invent your own signature drink for your party guests.

The Finishing Touch: Arrive In Style

While it's important to be sensible when planning a cocktail party and make sure that everyone has a responsible way to get home after imbibing, it's certain that setting the stage could be as simple as arriving in an iconic Chrysler Australia. A party atmosphere will surely be set, and you'll be ready to enjoy the sophistication and class of days gone by.

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