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Chrysler 1960s: Lessons From A Classic Era

One of the most glamourized eras in contemporary times is the period from the late 1950s into the 1960s. It's an era in which everything seems to have been a little simpler. In some ways, the more rigid gender and cultural roles served to create much more predictable interactions among people. These days the lack of large-scale social upheaval that we see, especially in larger cities, makes it especially easy to glamourize the culture as a whole from that particular era. 

One particular romanticized aspect of the culture from that time is that of the car; specifically, the world of the performance car or muscle car.  It's especially obvious given the cars of today that are purposely evoking cars of the past, such as the Chrysler. The 1960s, especially in the early half of the decade, saw Chrysler putting serious effort into the creation of the performance car or the muscle car.  Today's HEMI engine pays a debt of gratitude to those early efforts. 

Chrysler 1960s: Lessons Of A Classic Era

Do the eras of the past - or their cars - offer any lessons to us today? 

 1.     Be strong

There must be a lesson somewhere in the Chrysler 1960s 300 letter series and their descendants today, the Chrysler 300. These performance cars not only push the limits of automotive capabilities and strength, but also accommodate modern design requirements. Whether it's about improving fuel economy or providing variety that changes every year, it's easy for car makers to lose their sense of design identity. But the Chrysler 1960s style plays to people's desire for a car with an appearance of strength and class. You have to be strong and look the part as well.

 2.     Keep the glamour

These days, it seems like everywhere you turn, there's a sense that less is more, at least when it comes to clothing!  There's skin everywhere, and the sense of any kind of class or glamour has been eliminated.  The phenomenal success of the Chrysler 1960s-era 300 letter series and their modern counterpart, the Chrysler 300, speaks to the longing that so many people have for the return of old-fashioned glamour.

What lessons might you learn from the Chrysler 1960s phenomenon? Contact your dealer today.

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