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Grand Voyager 2013: The Stress-Free Secret To Getting Kids To School On Time

One of the hardest parts of being a busy parent is the never-ending struggle to get kids to school on time. For some parents, no matter how much you try to figure out where the time wasters are, it seems like you never can make much progress in getting out the door as early as you need to.

With just a few adjustments, though, you'll regularly be getting your kids out of bed, dressed, fed, and loaded up into your Grand Voyager in 2013. Here are the secrets.

Grand Voyager 2013: The Stress Minimiser

It's true! You can enjoy the calm this year, knowing that each day you'll get the kids loaded into your Grand Voyager in 2013 and be on your way with a minimum of fuss and shouting.

One of the best tools is simply taking the time to decide when you must leave to get there on time (or a few minutes ahead of time). With that time in mind, observe how long it takes your children to get from inside the house to the car and buckled in, with everything needed for the day. Once you know that, go backwards another step in the process. Figure out how long it takes your kids to get ready, from waking up to getting out of the house and into the car, and so on. This gives you the first tool you'll need to beat tardiness and get everyone in the Grand Voyager in 2013 on time and without stress. By backing up and figuring out how long the preparation process takes from start to finish, you'll know what time each family member needs to get out of bed.

It's All About the Planning

Once you know what time to wake the children, you're ready to implement the second part: pre-planning. Take a look at the next day's appointments each evening and pack your Chrysler Australia Grand Voyager 2013 with everything needed. Is there a music lesson at school? Put the instrument in the car the night before. Is there a special event at school that requires a change of clothes? Pack those the night before too.

Just a little pre-planning is the secret to calm, on-time mornings.

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