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HEMI Performance: Are you Ready For It?

The Chrysler 300 SRT8 already leads its class in style and design thanks to the influence of Fiat's Italian designers and leatherworkers. What many people don't know is Chrysler's legendary HEMI performance also comes standard in the SRT8. Taken together, these aspects make the SRT8 the perfect combination of performance and luxury in a family sedan.

More Power Than A Sports Car

The 6.4-litre HEMI V-8 generates 347 kW and 631 Nm of torque; more power than a sports car. Remember, this powerful HEMI is in a family sedan. Good luck trying to fit the family into a sports car for a Sunday drive. On the other hand, finding a luxury car with this high level of performance is rare and it will cost a pretty penny. The 300 SRT8 provides performance and luxury.

HEMI Performance And The Perfect Ride: Adaptive Dampening Suspension

All that power requires the performance suspension and powertrain to deliver a smooth and enjoyable ride. The 300 SRT8 delivers with an Adaptive Dampening Suspension. The ADS has the ability to quickly adjust the suspensions to work with both the driver's input and the way the vehicle reacts to road conditions. This means this high-powered sedan drives as if it were a much more nimble auto and it quickly responds to the driver's actions. The ADS comes with two options to customise the driving experience: Auto setting and Sport setting.

Safe And Effective Braking Power

With power and HEMI performance, a high-end safety and braking system are necessary. The SRT8 delivers with vented and slotted rotors front and rear with cooling ducts integrated into the belly pan to redirect fresh air to the brakes ensuring consistent fade-free deceleration.

HEMI Performance Without Sacrificing Economy: Fuel Saver Technology

The SRT8 doesn't sacrifice economy in order to achieve high-end performance. The integrated Fuel Saver technology shuts down four cylinders when the engine is not using them in order to save on petrol. When the driver presses the accelerator, all the cylinders come to life and fire to deliver the HEMI performance you'd expect.

Do you want to know what true HEMI performance feels like? Contact your local Chrysler dealer today and get behind the wheel.

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