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SRT8 300C Puts Everything In Its Proper Place For Superior Driving Ease

There are plenty of cars on the road today, but few offer the exceptional combination of features you will find on the SRT8 300C. Chrysler designed this luxury vehicle to give drivers an unparalleled blend of comfort, beauty and handling you won't find in other cars in this class. You may find a sleek, beautiful vehicle with great handling but without the comfort of the SRT8 300C. You may also be able to find something comfortable and luxurious, but end up disappointed when you try to push the envelope of performance.

What makes the SRT8 300C really shine is the way it's been designed to meet and exceed the expectations of drivers regardless of whether they put comfort, style or driving ease at the top of their "must have" list.

Intuitive Placement Of Dashboard Features: Slip into the driver's seat and you'll discover everything you need for a pleasurable ride right at your fingertips. The dashboard and embossed steering wheel put everything you need within reach, including a touchscreen Media Centre with Performance Pages offering useful feedback for optimum driving safety. The ergonomic design and layout mean no more groping around for the sound system controls or any other function.

Touch Screen Controls On The Media Centre: The Media Centre on the SRT8 300C is placed on the centre stack where the Uconnect's generous 8.4" touchscreen is easy to access, read and use. No more squinting at a tiny screen difficult to read, and no more fiddling with knobs or dials. A simple touch of the finger controls your audio system and climate controls so you can relax and enjoy rich surround-sound and total body comfort every time you drive.

A Feature Packed Steering Column: Chrysler has included cast aluminium paddle shifter controls on the rim of the SRT8 300C's contoured, leather wrapped steering wheel so drivers can shift gears effortlessly without even taking their hands off the wheel. There's simply no other vehicle out there offering better control and handling in a manual transmission.

Surround Yourself In SRT8 300C Luxury

It's easy to see the SRT8 300C is beautiful; from the sculpted exterior lines to the beautiful front grille work and jewelled, C-shaped LED headlamps; this is a vehicle designed to turn heads anywhere you go. But does the interior comfort match the exterior beauty? You bet! The fully bolstered, padded seats are heated and ventilated for year round comfort to hug your body in supportive comfort.

Are you ready to drive an unequalled comfort, performance and style? Then the SRT8 300C is your car, book your test drive today.

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