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Used Chrysler: What To Look For

If you're in the market for a new car, but don't have the budget to purchase a new one, buying an authentic pre-owned used Chrysler can be a great option to save money. However, just as with purchasing anything pre-owned, it's vital to make sure the owner was consistent with maintenance and took pride in the car.

Is It Good Enough For You?

Judge the car as you would an internet dating profile. Does it look good on paper and fit all the requirements for a promising long-term relationship? This comparison may seem silly, but by weeding out the used cars not to your standards, you'll spend less time waiting for "the perfect match."

Consider things such as the odometer reading, the warranty, and of course, the car's looks. Sure a small dent here or there doesn't mean it isn't good under the bonnet, but a lot of scratches or dents could be red flags the previous owner didn't treat the car with respect and care on the inside either.

What Is Maintenance History On A Used Chrysler?

Before you kick the tyres, ask the owner or dealer for a complete record of the car's maintenance history. If they can't provide it, turn around and resume your search for a car with a proven track record. A car not maintained with regular oil changes, tune-ups, belt and filter changes, or tyre rotation could suffer the consequences down the road with engine trouble, bad suspension, and transmission problems. Which could mean purchasing a used Chrysler would end up costing you more, because you'll end up paying costly repairs, voiding any savings you may have expected.

Purchasing an authentic used Chrysler from an authorised dealer prevents unexpected repair costs as all certified pre-owned cars have only been maintained by the dealer and have not missed any benchmark maintenance. Your local Chrysler dealer can also provide a Service and Warranty Handbook for your Chrysler model to ensure you can continue the suggested maintenance schedule.

Will You Really Save Money?

The ultimate question to if you should buy a pre-owned car is if it will really result in savings. It's not just the obvious repairs that could cost you more. Financing can also differ from new cars to used cars. Make sure your lender can provide a comparable low interest rate on your car loan. If not, you may be paying close to the same monthly payment for a used Chrysler you would for a new one with a lower interest rate.

Start your search for the perfect match today by visiting an authorised Chrysler dealer.

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