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Chrysler News: Why Recalls Are Not Always Bad

Recalls can happen on any vehicle by every manufacturer. Periodically, the media will announce a major safety recall to consumers. But more often than not, recalls only require a simple modification to the car's computer system, altering an improved reaction to a vehicle's safety protocol.

Chrysler's commitment to safety ensures we are constantly creating new technology and state-of-the-art safety equipment. Some recalls may be the result of these finds and are voluntary recalls the manufacturer suggests for continued performance and safety. However, if a mandatory recall is announced, you can be assured the Chrysler dealership where you purchased your vehicle will provide prompt service.

What To Do If You Hear Chrysler News Has A Recall On Your Car

Before you ever hear about a recall in the news, your Chrysler dealer will likely have already contacted you via post. The letter will provide specific instructions on how to remedy the situation. Usually recalls only require a short visit to your Chrysler Dealer's service department to reset the car's computer system or to replace a faulty part. The recall notice usually gives a specific time period for the repair so the dealer can ensure parts are in stock before you come in for an appointment.

How To Make Sure You Are Notified Of Chrysler News

Keep in touch with your dealer on a regular maintenance schedule, this is vitally important to keeping your car's warranty. Most Chrysler models have a generous 3-year/100,000K warranty on parts. All drive train warranties are 12,000K except the turbo diesel at 10,000K.

If you have a change of address, name or phone number, you should immediately notify Chrysler in the event there is a recall on your vehicle. If the vehicle is sold while under warranty, a change of ownership form should be submitted within 14 days by the new owner to Chrysler; this ensures the dealer or manufacturer can contact the new owner. Change of address and ownership forms can be found in the Service and Warranty handbook online.

If you hear news of a recall and haven't heard from Chrysler Australia, you can consult the Product Safety Hazard Response Branch of the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission to see if a recall notice has been officially issued. Remember, the majority of recalls only require minor modifications and can be resolved quickly.

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