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Top Four Reasons You Should Be Looking At a Chrysler 300 In Australia

The Chrysler 300 in Australia is quickly becoming one of the most popular new autos available, and for good reason. The full-sized sedan from Chrysler has something for everyone and is a versatile combination of power, capacity, and economy. Following are four reasons why you should take a look at one:

1.     The Chrysler 300 In Australia = The Perfect Sedan For The Family: The 300 is one of those autos made to be the perfect size for the whole family without being oversized like an SUV. On the other hand, it is also works great as a daily driver on your commute. The key is the V6 Pentastar engine, which has the power and efficiency to carry the family on the weekends without wasting petrol during the weekdays.

2.     Go Big With The SRT8's V8 HEMI Engine: When it comes to a great engine, motorists in Australia have been drawn to the 300 SRT8 model featuring the awe inspiring V8 HEMI engine system Chrysler is famous for. This engine puts out an impressive 347 kW and 631 Nm of torque. Those numbers actually top contemporary sports cars for power and performance. Good luck finding another family sedan with the performance ability of a sports car.

3.     More Features And Options Than You Could Imagine: With Fiat at the helm of Chrysler, Italian designers and engineers have had the chance to make their mark on the 300 series. You and your entire family can ride in style and enjoy legendary Italian leatherworking skills showcased generously throughout the interior. The body looks modern and sleek while having comfort features you could only imagine.

4.     All Of This Plus Great Economy: Great economy completes this package. With Fuel Saver Technology, the 300 shuts off cylinders not currently in use to reduce petrol usage. When you are stuck in slow moving traffic or taking it easy in town, you won't be using excess petrol.

Do you want to learn more about the Chrysler 300 in Australia? Book a test drive by contacting your local Chrysler dealer today.

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