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Chrysler 300C Accessories For Total Driving Pleasure

The joy of driving is being rediscovered by today’s drivers with Chrysler 300c accessories, which are able to transform every outing into a true pleasure, from your daily commute to a holiday on the road. Chrysler has crafted a powerful car in the 300c, and with added high-end accessories typically found in only the finest luxury sedans gives drivers the unique combination of raw energy and luxurious comfort so rare in today’s vehicles.

Gearheads Love The EVIC System

The Electronic Vehicle Information Centre (EVIC) gives drivers a full status report with just a touch of the fingertip on the touchscreen. It monitors petrol use, distance until an empty tank, temperature, fluid levels and tyre pressure. Gearheads are savouring their ability to keep tabs on every function while relaxing in the luxury of a vehicle enveloping them in the finest leather seats available and giving them the chance to drive a true performance machine.

A Sound System Like No Other

How does listening to a 422-watt surround sound system sound? It’s a sublime experience and can turn your drive into a truly pleasurable way to get from point A to point B. This sound is tied to the Uconnect Media Centre and includes one of the most advanced navigation systems available. But the joy is in the crystal-clear sound quality delivered whether you’re listening to the radio, your MP3 or your favourite tunes stored on the portable flash drive.

Shift As You Drive For Superior Manoeuvrability And Control

The state-of-the-art, five-speed automatic stick transmission gives drivers an instinctive, technologically advanced response to all manner of unexpected road conditions and at all times, but still allows drivers the capability to switch to shift-as-you-drive control any time the need or desire arises.

Luxury Features Translate To Total Comfort

Drivers will also love Chrysler 300c accessories designed to turn the interior into full-on relaxation whether they’re driving around the block or across long stretches of corrugated road. Features such as soft-touch armrests, beautifully detailed French seams on the centre console, heated power seats and dual-zone comfort control with audio controls on the steering wheel. There’s just no way around the enjoyment of the bountiful Chrysler 300C accessories. It’s time to settle in and enjoy the drive!

Contact your local dealer to see what Chrysler 300c accessories they have available today.

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