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Chrysler Dealerships Offer Affordable Leasing Options

When it's time to invest in a new car or SUV, many drivers assume they will either have to put down a substantial down payment and pay high monthly payments on a loan or they'll have to settle for an older car that isn't really what they want. But your local Chrysler dealership offers a third option that is extremely flexible and affordable - leasing.

How Leasing Works

A Chrysler dealership lease is essentially an agreement between you and Chrysler that you will make regular, monthly payments for the use of the car over a period of three to five years. Because you can choose the term and the residual value, your payments can be quite flexible. At the end of the lease, you have the option to turn in your car and lease a new one or keep the vehicle and make a final payment to own it outright.

Your Chrysler Dealership Lease Means A New Car Every Few Years

Most people who lease from a Chrysler dealership want a new car but don't necessarily have the money to buy the car. There are several advantages to this, the most important one being that at the end of the lease period (generally three to five years) they don't have to keep the car they leased. Instead, they can terminate the lease agreement with their Chrysler dealership, turn in the car they've been using and get a shiny, brand-new Chrysler instead. If you prefer to always drive a car that's only a few years old, a lease agreement is an excellent option.

Additional Leasing Advantages

There are several reasons why you should consider leasing from your Chrysler dealership in addition to the opportunity to either turn it in or purchase it at the end of the lease. In most cases, the monthly payments are significantly lower with a lease because you will either be purchasing the car for a lump sum at the end of the lease or turning it in. Once you've turned the leased vehicle in, your local Chrysler dealership may then sell the car as a pre-owned vehicle. You also avoid the problems of expensive maintenance and repairs, if you lease rather than buy, because you'll always have a newer car to drive and a vehicle still under warranty.

Talk to your local Chrysler dealership today about whether leasing is an option that will work for you and you may discover you can get more automobile bang for your buck.

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