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Chrysler Au Appoints First Aussie Born, Female CEO

In April of 2013, Chrysler Au announced Veronica Johns would become the new CEO of Fiat-Chrysler Australia. It's the first time the car manufacturer has put an Australian-born female in the key leadership position, although they have brought women leaders into Australia to fill past positions. Johns will be responsible for Fiat, Chrysler, JeepĀ®, Alfa Romeo and Dodge in Australia. She has been with the company since 1999 and is excited to be taking over these popular brands.

Chrysler Au Focuses On Customer Satisfaction

Johns is the first Australian born car boss to steer a major automobile manufacturer and she's excited about the opportunity to demonstrate females are just as qualified as men to deal with the issues involved in a predominantly male enclave. The new CEO noted that while Chrysler Au has always focused on customer satisfaction and will continue to do so, she will also be restructuring and giving direction to the company's internal processes. Former CEO Clyde Campbell initially recommended Veronica Johns to succeed him, noting her depth of experience and excellent track record for the company.

Chrysler Au Continues To Grow

Under the new CEO, Chrysler Au is poised to continue its impressive growth since 2010. Repositioning their brand identity, importing popular models and aggressively marketing their products has increased Chrysler's growth by 300% in the last three years.

Veronica Johns was instrumental in improving sales in Australia throughout recent years. As sales director, she spear-headed a strong push toward growth, increasing deliveries from 8000 in 2010 to an impressive 24,000 in 2012. She also more than doubled Chrysler Au's network of dealerships, bringing the current total number or retail outlets to 96.

CEO's Predictions For The Future

When asked about the future of the five brands, Johns was enthusiastic about their promise for the future, noting consistent steady growth should be the result of importing new Fiat and Alfa Romeo models to Australia and keeping up with the impressive demand for Jeep's flagship models, the Grand Cherokee and Wrangler, in addition to the Chrysler 300 and Grand Voyager.

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