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The Chrysler 300 Core Proves There's Nothing Basic About This Model

As a longstanding automotive design powerhouse, Chrysler has more than earned its reputation as a manufacturer that is completely committed to customer accessibility. The latest in a list of stellar examples of Chrysler helping drivers gain access to their highly acclaimed line of luxury sedans? The 300 Core.

What Can You Expect From The 300 Core From Chrysler

With streamlined features and options, the 300 Core delivers all the power and prestige that drivers have come to expect from Chrysler -- all with an easier to afford price tag. Not sure what you can expect from the Chrysler 300 Core model? Read on to see some of the standard features and systems that make this vehicle anything but basic.

Many drivers will find it's tough to distinguish the 300 Core from other 300 models, based on the exterior design alone. The outside of this already distinctive vehicle remains virtually unchanged. There are the same sleek lines, and sophisticated yet sturdy stance. However, the 300 Core does offer drivers a unique set of tyres, as well as a front badge that indicative of a core model.

Inside, drivers will still find that this vehicle continues Chrysler's storied tradition of excellence. Premium cloth materials and soft touch surfaces abound, making the cabin of this vehicle both stylish and inviting. Drivers will also enjoy a mini-carbon bezel instrument panel that makes gauges easy to read, and levers easy to access.

300 Core Delivers All The Power And Performance That Drivers Love About This Sedan

Best of all, under the bonnet, the Chrysler 300 Core delivers all the power and performance capabilities that have been a signature of the entire 300 line. Each model has a 6.4 litre V8 engine, showcasing a whopping 470 horsepower. Drivers can choose between the automatic and standard versions, based on their preference and specific lifestyle needs.

Perhaps the best feature about the 300 Core? Its price. Due to its streamlined list of options, drivers will get all the luxury and creature comforts they need, without overpaying for features that aren't on their priority list. Contact your local authorised Chrysler dealer today, to learn more about this vehicle. Schedule a test drive once it makes its Australian debut!

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