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Chrysler Group: The Top Four Autos

The Chrysler Group offers a wide range of the market's best autos, passenger vehicles, and SUVs. Best of all, when you buy from the Chrysler Group, you are getting the features that today's drivers really want, at a great value. If you are searching for a new auto to buy, or want to upgrade, check out these four autos.

Redefining The Sedan - Chrysler 300

Chrysler has completely redefined the sedan class with the 300. This auto offers something for everyone. First, it comes stocked with a luxurious, spacious interior, appointed with leather and soft touch materials. If you are looking for a luxury ride, this is your auto. Plus, the 300 is a great family auto and daily driver, as it offers high-end efficiency, kms, and capacity. This is one vehicle that can fill a lot of roles.

Unbeatable Performance With The 300 SRT8 Core

All of the great features of the 300, plus a HEMI V8 engine, results in the remarkable SRT8 Core edition. The extra power is matched with performance systems that are comparable to a car much sportier than this. You won't get the luxury and capacity of the 300 SRT8 Core in any sports car, however.

Get Behind The Wheel Of The Most Awarded SUV Ever

Jeep is part of the Chrysler Group, which means you can drive the most awarded SUV ever: the Jeep Grand Cherokee. You get it all in the Grand Cherokee; luxury, power, capacity, and all the best features. Whether it is the Uconnect Media Centre, or the best-in-class traction control systems, the Grand Cherokee is at the top of the SUV class.

A Trail Rated Jeep

When it comes to Jeep, there is no better SUV to take on an off-road adventure. Every Jeep comes with the best engineering for off-road and inclement weather traction control. Whether you want to take a Wrangler on an outdoor holiday, or just want the safety and security of superb control on wet roads, Jeeps are your best bet.

Head down to your local dealers to learn more about all of these autos.

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