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Chrysler Dealers Sydney: Used Auto Benefits

When you are shopping for a used vehicle, you have a lot of options. The best place to find the right used vehicle is to shop at your Chrysler dealers in Sydney, and find a certified pre-owned auto backed by Chrysler's stringent standards.

The Authentic Pre-Owned Badge

Chrysler has a reputation built upon offering only the best in pre-owned autos. In fact, they have created the authentic pre-owned badge to let you know you are purchasing one of the best used vehicles available. The badge features Walter P. Chrysler’s signature, so you know that the company stands behind their pre-owned selection.

Peace Of Mind With An Extended Manufacturer's Warranty

To begin, Chrysler includes an extended manufacturer's warranty to cover any issues that happen to occur. You have a full two years worth of coverage with absolutely no limit on the amount of kilometres you can drive. That way, if there is any problem, Chrysler will make it right for you. If you do have to use the warranty, you will only receive genuine Chrysler and MOPAR parts that provide optimum performance, and perfectly match your vehicle's appearance.

Get A Complete Service History And Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection

While the warranty is an excellent feature, Chrysler doesn't want you to have to use it, so they give every auto a thorough vehicle inspection, and provide you with a complete service history. If the auto doesn't have a complete service history, it won't qualify for the program. Rest assured that your auto has been taken care of by certified technicians, and has had all of its maintenance performed according to the service manual.

If an auto has missed more than one of its service intervals, it simply won't qualify for the program.

24-Hour Roadside Assistance Standard

To match the warranty, Chrysler includes 24-hours, 7 days a week roadside assistance. No matter where you are, or what happens, you have support on your side. Whether you need help changing a tyre, or just a extra few litres of petrol, Chrysler will be there for you. This assistance includes towing, accommodations, and a rental vehicle.

Get started on your pre-owned vehicle search today, with the confidence of Chrysler's pre-owned auto program.

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