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Chrysler Logo: Wings Dominate Rich History

In 2009, Chrysler celebrated its merger with Fiat by unveiling a new logo. A pair of stately wings, with the Chrysler name set on a curved field of blue, fit neatly on the front of the new Chrysler 300s, STR8, and Grand Voyagers. Those wings cover nearly 90 years of Chrysler history, but the history of the logo is filled with other rich images as well.

Early Chrysler Logo History

1924-1936: When Walter Chrysler and his team built the first Chrysler, it featured a three dimensional, winged radiator cap, and a front emblem that looked like a wax seal, adorned with a ribbon. Clark used the wings to symbolise the speed of the Roman god Mercury, and the elements of the emblem to symbolise quality.

1936-1946: By 1936, wings formed the backdrop for a golden seal.

1946-1948: The wings became stylised to appear more like bars. An elongated shield, topped by a crown, bisected the bars. The top "bar" served as a platform for the Chrysler name, which was written in script. Below the name, the familiar seal and ribbon appears, between two darker patches of red.

The Simple Wings Prevail

1949-1955: By 1949, the complex post-war logo was abandoned for a simple "v" that emulated wings. However, some models boasted coats of arms, with golden lions. Variations of the heraldic symbols were used throughout the 1980s.

1955-1962: To symbolise the "Forward Look" of the company, two-space-age arrows, one red and one blue, became the new logo.

The Pentastar Era

1962: The Pentastar, a skinny star on a blue background, became the logo in the mid-70s. Some said the five points of the star represent the five divisions of Chrysler (Plymouth, Dodge, Chrysler, Imperial and Airtemp, the HVAC division), but the design was chosen for its simplicity. It was last used on the 1996 minivan.

1980s: Stylised versions of the company name were used above the logo, or by themselves.

Recent Logo History

1996: The medallion was used as the logo.

1998-2009: After Daimler-Benz bought Chrysler, the logo got its wings back. The open silver wings were centred by the golden emblem, without the ribbons. The Chrysler name flew over the wings in all-cap sans serif type.

2007: When Cerberus bought Chrysler, the wings were abandoned for the Pentastar, a skinny star imposed on a pentagram.

2009: After Fiat took over, the new symbol of elongated wings, with the name in a blue background, became the logo for vehicles. The Pentastar is still the corporate symbol.

In 2013, as the Chrysler brand is flying high in Australia, the wings are an especially appropriate logo. Visit your dealer today, and see the fine vehicles available for you.

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