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Anticipating The New 300 SRT8, A Car Made Just For Oz

Australians, who have often had access to a fraction of the models available with certain brands of cars, may feel a certain degree of satisfaction that the 2015 300 STR8 with a 6.4 L Hemi® engine will be released only in Oz. The model that dealers here cannot keep in stock is a slow mover in the U.S.

Elsewhere in the world, the company is using Dodge as a high-performance brand, while bolstering the luxury aspect of the Chrysler brand. In Australia, both luxury and performance are centred in the 300 SRT8, SRT8 Core, and SRT. Currently, the only Dodge available in Australia is the Journey people mover; new models are reportedly on the way.

What's Ahead For the 300 SRT8?

As the 300 SRT8 will only be released here, details are still sketchy, but here's what has hit the news:

  • Upgrades to the SRT line and all members of the 300 family will see styling upgrades without big price increases by mid-2015.
  • The 6.4 L HEMI engine may be upgraded for even more power. It now has 347 kW but is expected to offer 373 kW to make it even harder to catch as a rival to the HSV and Ford XR8. There is likely to be an even more powerful Hellcat version with 527 kW.
  • The whole 300 line, including the SRT models, will include upgrades and improvements made to cars released in North America in engine power and efficiency, improved infotainment systems, and more safety features.

The Design Of The 300 And 300 SRT8 Are In Good Hands

Anyone who fears that the 300 will lose its uniqueness as the car becomes more efficient has no worries. Ralph Gilles, President and CEO of the SRT Brand and Chrysler's Senior Vice President of Design, confirms that "gangsta" styling that has the marked the car since 2005 is here to stay. He should know - he designed the first 300s in 2005. He is also an avid car enthusiast who both races cars and judges car rallies, so he is a staunch advocate of both the design and the power of the 300 and the 300 SRT8.

In speaking of potential redesign, he notes, "This car is suspiciously efficient. I'd rather challenge my team to figure out how to keep the current unique styling rather than give up. The silhouette has to be unique, but presence comes in many ways. Australians love the same thing as Americans. We're going to become more international every time we start a new project."

Gilles’ words offer Australians even more hope that besides the new 300 SRT8 made just for Oz, there will be many new Chryslers to come.

Visit your Chrysler dealer today to test drive current models, and get on the list for updates about the progress of the 2015 300 SRT8.