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Chrysler 300C Review: 4 Optional Features That Improve The Driving Experience

The standard Chrysler 300C has proven to be a hit among discriminating Australians. Its bold exterior, richly-designed interior and dozens of advanced safety features have made it one of the fastest-selling sedans in its class. But there are a plethora of ways you can customise the vehicle to make it even more rewarding to drive.

n this quick Chrysler 300C review, we'll cover 4 of the most popular options among owners. You'll find there's much more to this vehicle than meets the eye.

#1 – V6 Turbo Diesel Engine

The 300C comes with an enthusiastic 3.6-litre, 6-cylinder Pentastar petrol engine. It can output a thrilling 210 kW of power and 340 Nm of torque, enough to quickly push the car to its top speed during launch.

But suppose you want a little more lift-off power. You want to be thrown back into the soft, perforated, leather-covered seats when you hit the accelerator. In that case, consider upgrading the engine to a 3.0-litre turbo diesel unit. It can produce 550 Nm of torque. That's enough to impress even the most demanding car critic.

#2 – 20-Inch Aluminium Wheels

There's nothing wrong with 18-inch wheels on a luxury sedan like the 300C. They blend style with attitude to give the vehicle a fearsome presence. But if 18 inches are good, 20 inches are better.

You can stock your 300C with formidable-looking 20-inch aluminium wheels that give the vehicle a unique aesthetic appeal. Don't be surprised when heads turn as you drive by.

#3 – Blind-Spot Monitoring System

Every vehicle on the road has blind spots, those areas that are difficult to see. Mirrors can be adjusted to minimise the size of those blind spots, but that's an imperfect solution.

The engineers behind the Chrysler 300C designed the car in such a way that it can support an optional blind-spot monitoring system. The state-of-the-art technology that runs the system monitors the blind spots around the vehicle. It issues audible and visual alerts if you attempt to move the sedan into a space occupied by another motorist.

#4 – Protection Package

The 300C boasts a timeless, beautiful form. Everything about it radiates confidence. But over time and without protection, the elements can slowly take a toll on its exterior.

For that reason, many owners opt for the Protection Package. Moulded splash guards prevent road debris kicked up by the tyres from leaving marks. Headlight protectors perform the same function for the car's Bi-Xenon high-intensity, auto-levelling headlamps. Lighted door entry guards provide illumination and protect the sills from nicks and scratches.

This Chrysler 300C review has only scratched the surface with regard to the options and accessories available for the car. Learn how you can customise it to fit your needs and style by visiting your local Chrysler dealer for a test drive.