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Chrysler Grand Voyager: 3 Ways To Accessorise Your People Mover

The standard, straight-off-the-lot Chrysler Grand Voyager is a beautiful machine to behold. Its exterior boasts smooth curves, chrome door handles, an eye-catching grille and piercing headlights and fog lamps. Pull open the doors (or the tailgate) and you'll see a spacious interior designed to maximise comfort and utility. Every part of this extraordinary people mover has beenĀ  engineered for optimal style and function.

Having said that, you can add a myriad of accessories to your Grand Voyager. They not only customise its design, but also enhance its utility. Look your best while driving the vehicle, knowing you're getting the most value possible from it. Here are 3 easy ways to make your Grand Voyager the perfect people mover for you and your family.

#1 - Add A Roof-Top Cargo Carrier

You'll occasionally want to transport items that either don't fit in the Voyager's interior or don't belong there. That's when a roof-top cargo carrier comes in handy. Made from a heavy-duty nylon material, it's rugged and weatherproof. The items you store in it will be safe from the elements. The carrier is secured to the top of the vehicle with adjustable straps, and offers an impressive 300 litres of capacity.

#2 - Install Moulded Running Boards

The Chrysler Grand Voyager sits relatively low to the ground. That provides the driver and passengers easy access, which is particularly helpful for children and seniors. But you can make the vehicle even easier to enter and exit by installing moulded running boards.

The boards are skid-resistant to prevent slips and falls. They're also designed to complement the vehicle's exterior styling. They don't call attention to themselves, but are always present to provide assistance when needed.

#3 - Add A Table For Two (Or Three)

Whether you and your family are out for an afternoon of fun or you're providing cab service to your co-workers, a people mover is an ideal vehicle. It's spacious with room for seven. It also offers a comfortable ride with minimal road feedback.

But suppose you want to pull off the road and enjoy a picnic. Or suppose you need a hard, flat surface to work on your laptop. You can have a third-row cargo bin and table installed. The cargo bin provides extra storage space. The tabletop functions as a cover for it. When you need a flat surface, open the tailgate, pull the table out and extend its legs. When you're finished, fold the legs and push the tabletop back onto the cargo bin. Simple and easy!

Those are just 3 of the many ways you can customise your Chrysler Grand Voyager. You can also add a dual DVD system with rear-seat displays, roof-mount bike carriers and an expanding tent kit. If you enjoy water sports, install a roof-mount carrier fitted for kayaks and surfboards. Or add one that's designed to support a canoe.

The point is that the Grand Voyager is more than just a people mover. It's an expression of your personality and lifestyle. Visit your Chrysler dealer today to request a price quote and test drive this remarkable vehicle.