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How The 2014 Chrysler 300C Helps Keep You Safe

Part of the satisfaction of driving a luxury vehicle is knowing that you are surrounded by the best. The best in materials, the best in quality, and the best in technology. But, there's one other area of excellence that may be even more important in any great luxury auto; safety. The 2014 Chrysler 300C was built to offer the ultimate driving experience, and that means surrounding drivers with state-of-the-art safety features that make this award-winning sedan one of the safest luxury cars on the road today.

Stay Protected From All Angles

Chrysler engineers understand that there are certain areas of the road that drivers will always have a difficult time seeing, even in the best-designed vehicle. That's why they created Blind Spot Monitoring technology that uses radar sensors to monitor your surroundings when changing lanes or being passed. Icons on the side mirror illuminate when there is a vehicle in your blind spot, and audio signals can be programmed to draw added attention to these potentially dangerous events.

Forward Collision Warning System

The 2014 Chrysler 300C is always watching out for you. Optional Forward Collision Warning technology detects objects in your path, and provides an audible warning tone if you are approaching an obstruction too quickly, enabling you to avoid a potential collision.

2014 Chrysler 300C Park Assist

Standard on every 300C, the Parksense® Rear Park Assist System is yet another way this intelligent luxury auto helps to actively protect your safety. Front and rear sensors detect obstructions up to 1.2m in front, and 2m behind the vehicle. This information is relayed to the on-board Electronic Vehicle Information Centre (EVIC) which uses audio and visual cues to help you safely manoeuvre into a parking space. For particularly tricky spots, the Parkview® reverse camera will give you a clear picture of what's behind you.

Advanced Multi-stage Airbags

Airbags are still one of the most important auto safety innovations, and the 2014 Chrysler 300C features multistage front, front-seat thorax side, driver-knee and side-curtain airbags as standard equipment.

Active Headrests

Chrysler safety technology is even improving areas of the vehicle that many of us take for granted. In the event of a rear-end-collision, the front reactive headrests automatically move forward and upward, to help provide added protection by limiting the space between the headrest and the driver and passenger's heads

These are just a few of the safety features that Chrysler has integrated into the new 300 line. For a complete rundown, contact your local dealer or stop in for a test drive.

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