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Looking For The Lap Of Luxury? Get Inside The SRT8 CORE

Are you looking for a luxury passenger sedan that truly delivers more than its fair share of class and creature comforts? The SRT8 CORE proves an ideal solution. Touting a redefined interior, the SRT8 CORE has proven that it successfully goes head to head with even its fiercest in-class competition.

SRT8 Core: A New Interior Vision Teeming With Comfort And Conveniences

One look inside the cabin of the SRT8 CORE is all it takes to see that this redesigned interior makes comfort and class a top priority. Premium, soft-touch materials adorn the entire cabin, delivering unparalleled seating comfort throughout. Beyond the material alone, the seating in this vehicle has been ergonomically designed to cradle every passenger for the ultimate riding experience.

Additionally, the well-appointed interior of the SRT8 CORE also offers a leather-wrapped and heated flat-bottom SRT embossed steering wheel. This feature has been engineered with two main focuses: performance and aesthetics. It flawlessly achieves both. The steering wheel in this vehicle delivers superior functionality, all while giving the cabin an added touch of visual appeal. Best of all, the contoured wheel touts cast aluminium paddle shifters so drivers can change gears without ever having to take their hands of the wheel, to ensure optimal convenience on every outing.

The stylish touches don't end with the steering wheel; the SRT8 CORE sports eye-catching carbon fibre trim and black accents throughout the interior. A comprehensive collection of stylish features makes this passenger sedan instantly stand out from the in-class competition.

Convenience Also Reigns Supreme In The 300 SRT8 CORE

Of course, no vehicle earns its reputation on visual appeal alone; the SRT8 CORE also offers an unparalleled selection of driving features designed for maximum convenience. Case in point? This vehicle comes standard with the renowned Uconnect 8.4-inch touchscreen Media Centre. Fans of the Chrysler line already understand exactly what this vehicle offers to drivers and passengers alike. Beyond audio and climate controls, the Uconnect Media Centre delivers a slew of interactive features and performance pages to help make every excursion, near or far, the ultimate adventure in convenience.