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Save Fuel With The Eight-Speed Chrysler Transmission

What's Up With The Eight-Speed Automatic Chrysler Transmission?

Fiat Chrysler recently announced that it sold more than 1 million vehicles equipped with the eight-speed automatic TorqueFlite 8HP45/845RE transmission first introduced in 2012. This Chrysler transmission, found on the 300 model, as well as the Jeep Cherokee lineup, was built with fuel efficiency and lower emissions in mind that will positively impact every Chrysler 300 driver.

What The ZF Chrysler Transmission Offers

The eight-speed transmission is made by Chrysler, as a result of a partnership with ZF Friedichshafen AG of Saarburcken, Germany, maker of driveline technology, including transmissions and drive components, and other automotive systems. When made to Chrysler specs, the transmission offers:

Wide range of gears, from a low performance first gear to high economy top gear

Fast torque conversion with 98% efficiency in any gear

Shifts that take place faster than a person can sense them at 200 milliseconds

Ability for extreme shifts from 8th to 2nd gear in some versions

Ability for engine to achieve 0-60 in 7.2 seconds

Fuel Saving Technology For The Future

The ZF eight-speed was first used in the BMW and other high-end cars, such as Audi, Jaguar, Maserati, and Rolls-Royce. Chrysler has proved that this transmission offers drivers of mid-priced cars a sporty driving experience while enjoying the benefits of fuel economy. 

The transmission can save the average driver 11% compared to a six-speed model and 14% over a five-speed transmission. This translates to a savings of 2.6 billion litres of fuel over the lifetime of the vehicle, which equates to $2.5 billion savings in fuel costs, based on current prices. The environmental savings are impressive too, as the transmission will cut carbon dioxide emissions by more than 6.6 million tons.

So far, the company is pleased with the sales of the eight-speed transmission. As Jeffrey Lux, vice president and head of transmission power trade notes, "this is precisely the kind of impact we target with the TorqueFlite program. We fully expect this momentum to continue as we expand availability."

To experience the effortless performance of a 300 with the new eight-speed Chrysler transmission, visit your dealer today for a test drive.