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The Luxury Auto Review: Chrysler 300C Unveiled!

Auto aficionados and car critics agree: the Chrysler 300C has matured into one of the leading luxury sedans on display in dealer showrooms throughout Australia.\

Its exterior styling, complete with low ride height and forward-sloping beltline, has prompted many to refer to the vehicle as a “gangster car.” Meanwhile, its full-featured cabin with soft touch surfaces and chrome accents give it an air of cultured refinement.

Lest one thinks the sedan is all style and no substance, its powerful engine and smooth-shifting, 8-speed transmission all but guarantee an enjoyable ride. Stop by an authorised Chrysler dealer to review the Chrysler 300C for yourself. In the meantime, here's a brief guide to the sedan's most notable features.

The 10-Metre Evaluation: Style And Panache

Observed from the outside, the 300C is a lesson in poise and grace. Smooth contours call attention to the sedan's aerodynamic nature while underscoring its confident bearing.

Coming or going, the 300C makes an impression. Its chrome grille and jewelled headlamps, two of its most recognisable design elements, imply a sense of authority. Its rear spoiler and iconic tail lights, subtle and distinguished, suggest a calm demeanour that overlays a hidden strength.

The 300C is all about class. At 30 paces, this weighty sedan is impossible to ignore.

A Glimpse Inside The Passenger Cabin

Step forward and open the driver's door to see how Chrysler's flagship sedan caters to those who appreciate a luxury ride. Every corner of the passenger cabin has been engineered to give drivers the greatest level of comfort possible in a sedan. 

The interior boasts an ageless design with state-of-the-art features intended to enhance ride quality. The front seats, soft and pliable to form around the occupant's body, are heated and ventilated. The steering wheel, made of natural wood and sheathed in genuine leather, offers a classic aesthetic while providing easy access to a variety of controls. Additionally, the sedan's electronic vehicle information centre (EVIC) is integrated into its Uconnect system to provide real-time performance-related data.

Behind The Scenes: Power, Torque And Handling

The Chrysler 300C is no slouch in the performance department. Lift the bonnet and you'll find an athletic 3.6-litre V6 Pentastar engine. At 6,350 rpm, it can generate 210 kW of power. At 4,650 rpm, it can deliver up to 340 Nm of torque.

Do you need to merge quickly with fast-moving traffic? Do you want take off from a dead stop and reach cruising speed in a matter of seconds? The 300C's award-winning Pentastar engine will get the job done.

Chrysler's luxury sedan is also equipped with an advanced multi-link front suspension and self-levelling rear suspension. Combined with the 8-speed automatic transmission, they optimise response, manoeuvrability and ride quality.

The best way to know whether the 300C is the right sedan for you is to take it for a test drive. Ask your local Chrysler dealer whether you can review the Chrysler 300C in action. You'll discover why so many Australians are satisfied owners.