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Three Little Reasons To Buy An SRT300

3 Little Reasons To Buy An SRT300

So you're the kind of consumer who does a lot of research before you buy a car. You've been scouring the internet and asking your friends questions. You know all the big reasons why the SRT300 is the perfect car for your lifestyle. The luxury interior, the bold exterior styling and, of course, the 6.4-litre HEMI® V-8.

But maybe you want to get to know this car even better before you buy an SRT300. Here are four little things you may not know about it. 

#1 60/40 Folding Rear Seats

While you've been making your decision to buy an SRT300, you've probably heard a lot about the comfortable seating - how the bolstered front seats hold you safely, firmly, and comfortably in place. You've probably heard about the front reactive head restraints that automatically move forward and upward in the event of a rear-end collision, helping to protect the occupant's head. But did you know that this sedan has a 60/40 split-folding rear bench seat, for those times when you need a bit more room for you cargo? This will come in handy for weekend improvement projects, sporting equipment, or that extra suitcase you need for vacation.

#2 Lumbar Adjustments 

It isn't just the aggressive bolstering that will have you talking about the seating in the SRT300. This sedan features a power 8-way driver seat and front-passenger seats with lumbar adjust. You can make sure that you arrive at your destination in safety and utmost comfort. 

#3 Benchmark Breaking 

Sure, you've been thinking a lot about going places after you buy an SRT300. But what about stopping? The athletic acceleration on the SRT300 must be matched with a phenomenal ability to stop. Four-piston Brembo® callipers with vented and slotted rotors on the front and rear are paired with cooling ducts integrated into the belly pan. This combination insures consistent deceleration. The Ready Alert Braking will prime the brakes to decrease stopping distance in an emergency situation. 

Now that you know 3 more excellent reasons to buy an SRT300, all you need to do is ask for a test drive. We are sure you'll find even more reasons to love it.