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What's Ahead For The SRT8

As a Chrysler SRT8 zooms on in Australia, the only country where it will remain in the line up, the powerful car is set to have some appealing upgrades in 2015. The company is committed to making cars customers want, so the upgrades in the looks, engine, and infotainment will assuredly be right on target.

Design Changes Expected For The 2015 SRT8

The design changes made for the whole 300 series are expected to appear in Australia's SRT8. They reflect subtle changes to the front and rear of the car. The front will feature a bigger grille with an accent and a chrome Mobius strip along the bottom. The backend features updated LED headlights and new exhaust tip design. Jet-black highlights may replace the chrome. These changes are considered a "light mid-model refresh" that emphasise the luxury appeal of the car.

Under The Bonnet - Watch Out!

If you fear that making the car more classy and luxurious will make it less sporty, fear no more. The word is out that under the bonnet, the already powerful 6.4 L HemiĀ® engine will have a Hellcat option with 527 kW plus an update from 347 kW to 373 kW to the engine that is currently available. Whether you want an extremely fast car or a supersonically fast one, the SRT8 will continue to be the Aussie's choice for top performance. Chrysler knows that Australia loves its V8 muscle cars.

More, More, More Inside The Car

Inside the car, the creature comforts are moving up a notch too. There will be a new 7" TFT driver information centre set between a pair of large analogue gauges, a 3-spoke steering wheel with paddle shifters, and a rotary dial shifter. These new features will complement and work together with the Uconnect 8.4" Media Centre that controls audio, communication, navigation, and climate, and offers interactive Performance Pages for drivers.

At this point, exactly what will be in the SRT8 is a mystery. Usually when a car is released in North America, Australians have a good idea of what will be in the vehicle released here. This time, there is no U.S. car to offer a sneak peak. Reports about what the SRT8 will take from the 300, coupled with the engine upgrades, make this car one to watch for!

You can drive the current SRT8 at your dealer now or watch for the availability of the new one on the website.